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A hunting lease can be challenging to find.  As more and more land is being developed, less property is available for lease.   Everyone wants to find property that holds big game.  If you want to secure a  hunting lease, you will need to determine what your budget is.  Next, you will need to determine how many people you want in your lease.  How many people you have should determine the acreage needed.  You do not want to lease 25 acres and have 5 people hunting the land. 

You could have that many people on the hunting lease but you would have to allocate the times that people hunt the land.  Remember that the more people that hunt the land, the game being targeted will tend to be more wary and suspicious of human activity.

Finally, call around and find what landowners are charging.  Ask them if you can come out and walk the land.  You can often tell a lot about the land by taking a walk through the property.  Also, spend time at dawn an dusk driving around the area when deer are most likely to be traveling.  All of the above factors should be considering when evaluating a hunting lease. Below is a summary of what to look for in leasing hunting land.

  • Determine what your budget is.
  • Determine how many deer hunters will be included in the lease
  • Determine how many acres you will need
  • Find the average cost of a lease by calling around
  • Ask if you can walk the property
  • Drive around the area at dawn and dusk to identify movement patterns